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My name is Marcela Uliano da Silva and I'm a PhD student at the moment.

The intention of this blog is to talk about scientific topics in a simple way, and as the blogger has a thing for philosophy, almost all the pieces have a philosophical perspective too.

As the astrophysicist Carl Sagan once said, "not showing science seems to me perverse. When we are in love, we want to tell the world."

This PhD student is madly in love with science, and this blog is a way to share this passion. Also, I believe decision makers and every-day people have to be aware of scientific facts, once the decisions we make in the next few decades, individually and as a group, will define the fate of this planet and the fate of mankind. So, showing science in a simpler way is not only a hobby: it has to be a MUST DO for scientists.

Unfortunatelly, most of the pieces are in Portuguese. I'm trying to find time to translate as many as I can to English (and I would love a help if anyone have the time!). Also, I'm trying to finish my book, which is a longer science popularization piece!

If you want to know a little bit more about my scientific work, please have a look at my CV in here (http://goo.gl/WX8Nx5). Or, if you are a scientist, we can find me on researchgate.

My PhD project involves the genome sequence of an invasive bivalve know as Golden Mussel, and I study the links between its genetics and invasiveness success. We hope to use this genetic knowledge to develop a biotechnological way to control it in invaded areas! A short video on the subject:


This project was the subject of a TED Fellows Talk at TED Global in Rio de Janeiro this year. More details about the project:



Photo by Ryan Lash/TED taken during TED Fellows Talk section at TED Global 2014.

Here is my e-mail adress: marcela.uliano@gmail.com
Don't hesitate in writing to me if you have any questions (or if you just want to chat!). And I hope you enjoy the reading!

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